Mar 04, 2018

Whether it’s for work or play, traveling is a great opportunity to have new experiences. For some people, traveling is the perfect break from their everyday routine and thus, exercise is often left out of the itinerary on purpose. 

Furthermore, because your entire routine is thrown off, you probably have a few reasons for not working out on holiday anyway. For example: jetlag; not having access to a gym; or any of the equipment you’re used to working out with, not being able to run in a familiar location and not being able to prepare your own meals can all prevent you from sticking to your regular health and fitness routine. Sometimes a break is as good as a rest, however, you might want to check out these reasons why we love working out whilst away:


1.    Exercise helps you get over jetlag faster

Instead of wasting a day or two of your holiday dealing with jetlag, try scheduling your workouts and sticking to them.

Your body runs on an internal clock, also called a circadian clock, found in the hypothalamus of your brain. Your internal clock controls several major cellular and brain activities, including the time you sleep.

Long distance traveling can affect your circadian rhythm as external time cues (cycles of night and day) and internal time cues no longer coincide with one another, thus causing jetlag.

However, studies show that your body’s internal clock can also be affected by physical activity. Therefore, keep yourself active throughout your trip, whether it involves using the hotel gym,  touring a new location on foot or doing a workout in your room.


2.    Exercise makes you productive and energetic

Let’s say you’re not on a leisurely trip, but on a business one. You may not have enough time to tour the new city but a quick workout, which can be as simple as a 15 minutes, before your meeting can help you perform with more vigor, enthusiasm and energy.

The same applies to individuals who are on holiday. Exercising can give you an immediate surge of dopamine, which can help your trip feel more enjoyable and exciting. Having more energy on vacation can help you cover more ground and discover more places during your trip.


3.    A change of scenery

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a business trip or a leisurely one, you’re in a different location and so why not try different ways of being active. This means that if you’re used to working out indoors, try taking your workout outdoors. Some great examples include, hiking, biking, running and touring nearby parks or other green spaces. Maybe there’s an activity you’ve been itching you try for years and your upcoming holiday is the perfect opportunity for you to experience it. Examples of such activities may include swimming in the sea, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding or skiing.

If you don’t have a chance to explore the scenery you can still do a structured workout but just mix up where you do it. We have plenty of different workouts you can try which can be done anywhere and with our new App you don’t even need wifi as you can download all your workouts to your phone. So you could do boxing on the beach if you fancy it?


4.    You’re less inclined to splurge on food

When you’re on holiday, chances are your any routine of eating well goes out the window. However, performing any type of exercise throughout the course of your trip can help you refrain from taking unhealthy food consumption too far.

Moreover, even if you do splurge more, staying active can help prevent the lethargy and unwanted weight gain that can occur as a byproduct of your holiday indulgences.

Next time you are on your travels, why not try incorporating some exercise into your itinerary and beat that jet lag before it sets in. For an quick workout solution you can literally pop in your pocket, download our app before you set off and  see how easy (and enjoyable) it is boxing whilst taking in that incredible ocean view!



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