Feb 01, 2019

We’re now well into the new year, and although a little warmer it’s still cold outside…

The colder winter weather brings about many changes in our lifestyle and mood including in our diet. Our food cravings and nutritional needs are impacted by the cold almost as much as our wardrobes are. Winter brings about the need for more energy and immune boosting foods to keep us fuelled and feeling our best. It makes us crave warming, comforting and heartier meals that will nourish and comfort not just our body but our souls too!

With the lack of vitamin D around, winter can be a struggle when it comes to keeping up the energy and motivation levels which are provided by the sunlight and warmer weather. It can be hard when you arrive home after a long day and you’re feeling tired, possibly stressed and energy-depleted to muster up the motivation to get in the kitchen and cook for yourself let alone others if you have a family or are cooking for a friend. This feeling of energy depletion though is, in fact, a sign that nourishing yourself with a warming, health infused, comforting meal is actually most needed! Try changing the story in your head from having and needing to cook, to being able to look after your body and provide it with the goodness it deserves.

With a good couple of months to go until the summer when salad and smoothie bowls come back into play (at least for all our UK readers!) we wanted to share with you some delicious winter warming recipes we’re loving at the moment. All perfect for sweater weather, these dishes will help you step up your winter meal game and give you something to look forward to after a long day out and about tackling the cold.

These recipes are all meat-free, but loaded with flavoursome, nutritious and feel good foods that will satisfy all taste buds. You can of course adapt these recipes to suit your preferences and make them your own - add your favourite meat or fish if you fancy it and play around with them to give them a personal, creative twist. Full of wholesome ingredients and packed with plant fibre, all these dishes will support your gut and help keep you feeling fuller for longer too!

Add one (or all!) of these to your next week meal plan and give yourself something to look forward to in the evening. Hopefully these recipe ideas will give you a tasty inspo boost to keep you going through the rest of winter!

One-pot dishes are the way to go when the winter laziness kicks in and all you want to do is throw all all the ingredients in together and then cuddle up under a blanket until it’s ready. Plus one-pot = less washing up!



Not only does this 30 minute one-pot hit contain two superfood wonders aka sweet potato and kale which provide your body with a whole range of nutrients and sweet deliciousness, it’s also topped with peas and cashews for a plant-based protein kick - this curry has got it all! Combining an Indian classic with a Thai twist along with the added benefits of immune boosting and anti-inflammatory herbs and spices, this winter warmer is full of flavour, healthy and absolutely delicious.

Enjoy this dish by itself or mix it with a side of rice, quinoa or veg of choice -  you’ll want to make a big batch so that you can freeze any leftovers and save them for later!

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For those nights when you just want to whip up something easy and quick, check out Alice’s super simple homemade baked beans on toast. This homemade twist on an old-school favourite will bring you back to your childhood comforts, feeding your soul with the added nutritional kick of all natural, wholesome ingredients. Layered on your toast of choice, you can make this a gluten-free friendly option if preferred or even opt for sweet-potato toast instead! To make sweet-potato toast, if you haven’t tried it already, simply slice the potato in toaster fitting slices and toast it like you would bread (yup…it really is that simple!).

Not only is this homemade version more nutritious than a supermarket bought tin of baked beans, this version is tastier and a lot more fulfilling too (sorry Heinz!).

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An easy dish oozing with health, this ratatouille recipe is a great shout if you are looking for a nutrition packed dinner option. Full of fresh, wholesome ingredients, not only does this recipe contain 4 of your 5 a day when it comes to your vegetable intake, this dish is full of flavour and colour to add some much needed vibrancy on a cold, grey winters day.

Created by the leading Harley Street Nutritionist and Author Rhiannon Lambert, get your veggies in and impress the family with this nutrient bursting Italian dish as well as helping give their immune system a boost. Serve by itself or with a side of your choice, for example rice or quinoa, like with all of these recipes, you can adapt it however best suits!

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To get your hands on Rhiannon’s book full of more delicious and nutrient dense recipes, follow this link:




If you are looking for something a little more on the heartier side to keep you warm then a classic casserole is a great go-to! Loaded with slow releasing carbs, fibres and proteins to keep you fuelled and satisfied...just what a tired and cold body (and soul!) needs. Also packed with essential fats and plenty of micro-nutrients, your body really will be thanking you!

This take on a classic dish by the lovely Sophie Bertrand, Registered Associate Nutritionist, is full of flavour and another one-pot wonder that can be chucked together with ease and then left in the oven whilst you squeeze in your Boxx workout of the day (or take a well-deserved bath!). Knowing this is on the menu when you return home is exactly what the doctor ordered!

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