Jun 20, 2018

With the weather warming up and the summer in full swing, the summer snacking season has officially begun! If you’re anything like us then this change in season would have had an effect on your appetite, rather than craving warming, wholesome foods, we find ourselves wanting lighter, fresher options to keep us cool and feeling energetic throughout these longer days.

Rather than just reaching for the usual ice cream or piece of fruit (which are our normal go-to hot weather snacks!), this year we decided to get creative and test out snack ideas that keep both our bodies and souls happy! Here are a selection of our favourites to satisfy both sweet and savoury tooth’s. All nutritious, delicious and fairly simple to create, if you’re looking for summer snack-spiration, then we can highly recommend giving them all a go!


  1. Raspberry and Coconut Popsicles

For those days when the sun is blasting and your body is craving an icy, cold snack, these popsicles are the perfect fruity sweet tooth satisfier and an instant body temperature cooler. So easy to make and absolutely delicious, a batch of these in your freezer won’t last long!

Find this recipe at: http://naturallysassy.co.uk/recipes/raspberry-coconut-popsicles/





  1. Banana Almond Nice Cream

If you are yet to try the new healthier version of the classic ice cream, then you are in for a real treat with this one! ‘Nice cream’ is ice cream with a much less sugary and more natural twist. Made with a base of frozen bananas and very few other ingredients needed, after trying it once, this is now a definite favourite for us when it comes to our top summer snacks or deserts.

One version we tested cannot get enough of is Pip & Nuts almondy creation - for all our fellow nut butter lovers out there, you need to give this a go! Made from the simple base ingredients of banana, almond milk, almond butter and cinnamon, this is another healthier sweet-tooth satisfier for those hotter days when perhaps you have a little more time to sit down and take the time to really enjoy.

Go as crazy as you like with the toppings and make a big batch to keep in the freezer because we can promise that once you have one scoop, you’ll be wanting a lot more!

Find this recipe at: https://www.pipandnut.com/banana-almond-nice-cream/#more-6588





  1. Coco-Berry Smoothie

Another extremely delicious and fruity option but this time in the form of a nutritious smoothie by the lovely Zoe at @alohaandcoffee! So tasty and filling with the added boost of protein, this smoothie as a snack (or even as a breakfast) will leave you feeling re-fuelled, re-energised and refreshed.

We love smoothies because they are SO simple and quick to make (as long as you have a smoothie machine/blender!) and they can be made to drink now, or taken with you on the go. Most of the ingredients can be stored in the freezer for whenever your smoothie craving hits, meaning no stress about not using up ingredients in time or them going overly ripe.

If you have more time and feel like making it that bit more fancy, why not make a smoothie bowl and add extra toppings of choice!

Find this recipe at: https://www.alohaandcoffee.com/single-post/COCO-BERRY-BREAKFAST





  1. Quinoa Falafels

An amazing ‘grab and go’ snack to keep in the fridge or addition to any summery meal. These lighter quinoa falafels from Rhiannon Lambert, a leading Harley Street Nutritionist, are a hunger fighter and healthy savoury tooth satisfier. Paired with a dip or eaten by themselves, these falafels are so moorish and full of flavour. Easy to make and can be made in big batches, they are staple in our fridge for the summer!

To discover more delicious recipes by Rhiannon, you might want to check out her recent book, ‘Re-Nourish: A Simple Way to Eat Well’ enough. Packed full of healthy meal inspiration and knowledge covering all areas of food and health, to get your hands on a click here

Find this recipe at: http://rhitrition.com/recipes/quinoa-falafel/





  1. Lime and Coriander Humous

Possibly the most refreshing humous we’ve ever tried thanks to the added zest and tanginess of the lime, this healthy dip is a great summer snack to keep in the fridge. It takes 2 minutes to whizz together and is protein and fibre rich along with helping aid digestion and balance blood sugar due to the tasty addition of coriander.

Dipped into with veggie sticks of choice, smothered over rice cakes, crackers or even Rhiannon’s quinoa falafel’s, we warn you that if you are a humous lover, this one is highly addictive!

Find this recipe at: http://lizzieloveshealthy.com/lime-and-coriander-houmous/




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