Nov 03, 2017

Finding the motivation to workout is hard enough. However, separating yourself from your cosy bed or making that detour on the way home from work when all you want to be doing is chilling on your sofa feels near impossible.

This year, let’s try something different. Instead of getting lost in all things cosy, think about all that extra energy you will have, how much better you will sleep and how much easier it will be to get out of bed on those cold dark mornings. We guarantee the thought of doing is way worse than actually doing, you just have to get started and the rest is easy! And if it isn’t, we’ve come up with a bulletproof list of strategies you can apply to your winter routine to ensure that you don’t miss another workout.



It’s cold outside and while you can’t control the weather, you can control how you respond to it. Sure, staying snug and warm indoors is what most people opt for but we have a more stimulating strategy for you to finally beat the winter blues.

Put on your workout gear and brave the cold for an invigorating workout outdoors. The beauty of all the Boxx workouts is they can be done anywhere, so just grab your phone or tablet and throw some combos outdoors! Ok, so if it is pouring with rain, it isn’t realistic but on those cold, crisp days set yourself a goal and try to workout outside at least once a week.

The benefits of braving the outdoors in the cold can help you boost the effectiveness of your workout as your body is also trying to keep you warm. Increasing the intensity means you could opt for a short workout and get it done within a shorter period #Winning! Also, why not treat yourself by walking/running to a nearby café and enjoying a warm cup of coffee, post workout?



Whether you’re working outdoors or indoors, new workout clothes for some can help to motivate. We are not talking about necessarily splashing the cash on the latest Lululemon leggings (because apart from possibly your neighbours – no one is going to see you!) but it is amazing how much a new outfit can make you feel! Nearly all high street brands now do their own active wear ranges, where you can pick up some really nice pieces for not very much which will have you throwing that left hook and feeling like superwoman in no time!



The music thumping in your headphones can have a potent effect on how you perform.  Up tempo music can also improve how you utilize your energy and push through difficult moments during your workout routine.  According to research, listening to music of a certain tempo can also help increase your motivation, reducing the amount of mental effort you have to put into a workout.

If music is your motivator and the playlist that accompanies your favourite online workout just ain’t cutting it, then why not try playing DJ and whack on some of you own favourite workout tracks to give you that extra push!



Branch out from your regular go to workout and incorporate challenge into your routine to keep your mind and body guessing.

Each new workout can help target a whole different set of muscle groups, some of which you may have never even worked before. Cross training doesn’t only make your workouts interesting, it also boosts your fitness levels dramatically, reduces risk of injury and prevents a workout rut. It can also function as an active recovery approach. Plus, there is nothing that beats trying something new and seeing yourself progress!

If you are a boxing workout junkie (like us) but want to mix it up a bit, then try giving our new Cardio, Strength and Yoga videos a go to keep it fresh…and you never know you may unleash your inner Yogi!



When it comes to physical fitness, slow and steady isn’t always the answer. To keep boredom at bay and save time so that you can get all those other things on that neverending to do list done, amp up your workout intensity by opting for HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT incorporates short bursts of intense exercises to save time and boost your fitness.  According to research, just three sessions of interval training can be equally effective to five moderate longer exercise routines. Yes!... we hear you say, because who has time for long marathon sessions in the gym? For your next session why not try our BoxxHIIT workout which is shadowboxing combined with HIIT, which will see you getting (very) sweaty, having fun and leave you feeling like you can tackle absolutely anything…bring it on!

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