Mar 16, 2017



There is always a diet fad of some sort nowadays, the 5/2 diet, food replacement juices, pills and more. However, it doesn't need to be so complicated or expensive to keep your body healthy. In fact, a balanced diet is proven to be far more beneficial for our bodies than any diet fad. Here are our 6 simple hacks to eating well.


One of the secrets to eating well is planning. Plan your weekly meals before going shopping, to ensure you have enough healthy snacks and meals to keep you going throughout the week. Having to throw together dinner, or running low on ingredients before you've had chance to go shopping can be the reason you might opt for a takeaway or grab a packet of crisps to curb the hunger. Although it may take a while at the start of the week to plan, in the long run it will actually save you time and help you stick to eating well. Planning really is the key.


You like a mid morning and mid afternoon snack?  That's great! But instead of keeping that stash of chocolate or sweets nearby, why not try incorporate ingredients such as berries, nuts, raw vegetables, seeds, avocados or yogurt, which will satisfy your hunger, stabilise your energy levels and nourish your body too! Remember healthy foods are good for you but like with everything, best consumed in moderation. Fruits still contain sugar (although natural) but they are a lot easier for your body to break down, and you'll be getting more nutrients too!


Skipping breakfast may seem like a great way to save some calories but breakfast actually gives your metabolism a kick-start if you eat before your hunger kicks in. Eat small, regular meals throughout the day (roughly every 2 -3 hours) to keep your metabolism firing up all day long. We recommend 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as 2 snacks (mid morning and mid afternoon). Ideally, you shouldn't feel stuffed after a meal (just satisfied), after all, you will be having another in a few hours time.


We all know the importance of keeping hydrated, it's important for so many vital factors in our life. Hydration is key in helping with the digestion of your food and ensuring that your body is absorbing as many nutrients from your food as possible.  People think that consuming the recommend 2 litres per day sounds a lot but actually if you sip the water consistently throughout the day it is surprising how easy it becomes!  It is also important to eat foods with a high water content, as our body can absorb this liquid more easily. Think salad: lettuce, cucumber, celery; these are all great foods for increasing our hydration levels.   


Yes, sugar tastes good, and is great for getting energy quickly when taking part in long distance or intense training events. However, nowadays, it is used and consumed too readily: chocolate bars, sugar in tea, syrups and often as a hidden ingredient in most low fat recipes. Artificial sugars are hard on our body, affecting our glucose levels, liver and even hormones. Too much sugar affects our weight, mood, skin and more. So kick the habit and we promise you will look and feel so much better for it.


In the real world, we don't have time to stop and cook ourselves 3-5 healthy meals per day. This hurdle can be overcome by bulk food prepping. Cook a pack of chicken breasts, instead of just one and prepare your chicken for the week. Remember it can be frozen, with rice and vegetables too, so you can grab and run in the morning, knowing your healthy lunch is ready for you. But remember bulk prepping doesn’t just have to involve chicken and broccoli, you can mixed it up with your protein, complex carb and veg options and add flavour by throwing together some tasty spice mixes too! Home cooking is generally a healthier alternative than any healthy ready meals too, as you can control exactly what is in it and therefore avoid excess salt, sugar salt and any other nasty extras. 

With all that extra time and energy from planning, food prep and eating clean, you could probably squeeze in a couple of extra BoxxMethod workouts too…you will be feeling and looking better in no time!


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