Apr 27, 2018

Whether you’re a newbie to yoga or you’re already a fully fledged yogi, a good yoga mat can soon become your best friend. With so many different yoga mat brands, types and styles out there, we decided to search out our favourites and wanted to share these with you to help you make that all important choice and dedicated step on your yoga journey – purchasing your own mat. 

Depending on your needs and how you want your mat to accompany you in life, we’ve chosen a range of types suited for the stay at home, to the travelling, to the comfort seeking yogi and made sure the price points represent a variety of requests also.


For The Beginner Yogi


Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat: £17

Perfect for newbies experimenting with basic poses, this mat has thick (4.5mm), spongy qualities and is relatively grippy. It is a great value for money, very light weight and machine washable making it low maintenance and easy to carry.

Available in a range of sunny, bright to dark colours and at a very reasonable cost – this mat is a definite mat to get your hands (and downward dog) on.




For The Comfort Seeking Yogi

M Life Eco Luxury Yoga Mat: £48

This eco luxury, double sided mat with it’s extremely cushioned, velvety to touch and surprisingly grippy surface, combines both practically and comfort. Along with being super lightweight, it is 6mm thick and comes with a custom made ribbon to enable you to roll and tie it up with ease. Created from non-toxic and free from ozone depleting materials, this mat is fully eco friendly and easy to clean with a recommended simple, homemade concoction.

Generous in length and tried, tested and approved by leading yoga experts and their advanced moves, this mat will both efficiently and comfortably support you in your yoga practice as well as the planet.



For The Travelling Yogi

Yoga Design Lab Travel Mat – Geo: £46

To all the often travelling women out there seeking for a light-weight, easy to carry mat to take with them on their trips, this mat is for you.

Designed as the ultimate on-the-go yogi companion, this mat is very lightweight and folds into a compact, travel-friendly form. It comes with a handy durable carrying strap and in a range of distinctive, stylish designs for you to choose from, all 3.5mm thick. Not only is it travel friendly though, this mat is made out of recycled plastic bottles and bonded to a 100% natural tree rubber base, making it eco-friendly too! This surface gives you the wet grip of a towel and a responsive grip for injury prevention, making it suitable for a variety of practice levels.



For The Yogi’s Needing An Extra Strong Grip

Yogi Bare ® “PAWS” - Natural Rubber, Extreme Grip Mat: £49.99

Promising you ‘the grip of your life’, this eco friendly, natural rubber mat is a mat you won’t be able to keep your paws off!

It features ultra grip technology and a non-slip surface that provides you with a trusted base for all your yogi moves throughout your yoga journey. Not only does it offer a solid support, and an underside grip to keep your mat in place, there is an added cushioned later in the middle to provide you with comfort and protection.

PAWS is considered alongside some of the top yoga brands with this mat being designed, inspired and tested by a yogi, for yogis, ensuring it ticks all the boxes in terms of grip and safety. With a thickness of 4mm and wanting to reflect the uniqueness of your practice, this mat blends the traditional and modern with it’s beautifully created print and YOGI BARE logo.



For The Fully Fledged Yoga Pro

Manduka eKO Mat 5mm: £74

Arguably the best in the business and the most natural mat on the market. This mat is made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber, and was developed by environmentally conscious yoga teachers over 4 years ago.

The beautiful design of a marbled blend of colours using non-AZO dyes, makes each one slightly unique and creates a calming base to unleash your yogi on. Comfortably cushioned and with a natural grip, this mat will catch you when you slip and support all the yoga pros moves. It is also available in two lengths, standard and long, both 5mm thick depending on your preference and needs. 


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