Aug 09, 2017

Describe yourself in a sentence...
I'm a new mummy who is absolutely in love with her daughter but I'm so happy to have found the balance of having a baby and getting my body and fitness back!!!

You love boxing because...
Boxing and the BoxxMethod was an integral part of me being me again. After you've had a baby your body isn't what you remembered. You have to go slow and take your time. Being able to box at home in my own time was perfect!

I didn't feel ready or confident to go back into the gym where I'd only compete against myself and where I used to be before I had Noa. Trying something new meant I had a fresh start and wouldn't put so much pressure on myself if I couldn't do the same things I was doing before having a baby.

Boxing gave me the confidence and focus to get fit again!

Your favourite BoxxMethod workout is...
Well obviously all of Louis'... He eats burpees for breakfast!!!

Your reason for signing up to the BoxxMethod 28 Day Challenge...
I'd given birth 8 weeks prior and knew it was quite early to start a new fitness regime but I'm kind of all or nothing! If I hadn't set myself that challenge I don't think I'd have got myself back on track until after Christmas! Knowing someone was tracking and supporting your progress was really motivating!

Benefits from doing the BoxxMethod...
Endless!!! Amazing workouts, strength, new skills weight loss, fitness, focus, time for me, healthy nutrition, motivation and support..... I'm 5kg lighter than before I got pregnant!!! I feel fitter than ever and the BoxxMethod was definitely what gave me the support and confidence to get my body back!

PLUS they're so convenient! It's 30-40 mins of your day and it's done! I don't even have to put on gym stuff!!!

Fave motivational quote (fitness/life)…

No such thing as can't!

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