Aug 31, 2017
An Accountant, Mama and all-round Girl Boss.  Meet the brains behind the BoxxMethod.

What Did You Do Before The BoxxMethod?
For as long as I can remember I have always wanted my own business. When I left school I trained as an Accountant which allowed me to learn a lot about all sorts of businesses. Besides my passion for boxing training, I haven’t previously worked in the fitness industry, so this is a completely new experience for me!

What Is It About Boxing?
Growing up I was never into sport and have never been someone who enjoyed going to the gym. Besides dancing, the only form of exercise I have always loved doing is Boxing. There are so many things I love about it. The fact that when you are throwing those combos you can’t think of anything else, you have no choice but to be in the moment. You are working out yet having so much fun doing it, plus you get to learn a skill at the same time. It challenges me mentally and physically like no other form of exercise I have tried and the way I feel after a session is just incredible!

Why Did You Start The BoxxMethod?
After having my little girl, time became something of a luxury. I rarely managed to grab a coffee let alone find the time to workout. Getting to my weekly boxing classes became a thing of the past, so I decided to explore online alternatives. I quickly realised that I wasn’t the only one (mama or otherwise) missing out on exercise due to being busy. I searched for online boxing workouts but couldn't find any so I decided to create one and from there the BoxxMethod was born.

What Does Your Weekly Workout Routine Look Like?
No two weeks are the same with my schedule so I don’t have a specific workout routine. At the moment, most weeks I get in three BoxxMethod workouts but if I am having an extremely busy week it may only be one. My motivation for working out is how it makes me feel, so if I am feeling particularly stressed I will get in an extra workout or if I have spent all day bent over my laptop I will switch it up and do a stretch instead.

When It Comes To Nutrition, Do You Follow A Particular Diet?
I’m lucky in that my parents bought me up eating healthily which for most part has stuck. I don’t follow a specific diet as such but try to strike a balance. I opt for fresh wholesome food where I can and try to avoid processed food. I like to start the day with porridge and berries because then it sets the tone for the rest of the day (plus the only thing that fills me up!). I have also learnt a lot since getting involved with writing the BoxxMethod plans and picked up some great tips such as opting for lean protein at lunch and high fat protein for dinner as well as now understanding things like simple vs complex carbs.

What Quote Sums Up Your Fitness Motivation?
‘Extremes are easy. Strive For Balance’

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