Mar 02, 2017

Often when we think of Boxing, we think of professional boxers competing in a ring. However, boxing can be for everyone. It is great exercise for all abilities and is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as building strength. Below are a few of the basic punches explained, so you can get the most out your boxing workout. We have also explained why a boxer would use each punch as it often helps to visualise this when learning the technique.


The Jab (Also known as Lead punch)

A Jab is a boxers basic punch, which can be great for blocking, punching, pushing or distracting. There is nothing necessarily fancy about the Jab, however it is a punch which is both fast and long, and also it's simplicity makes it easier to be accurate.

Standing in your boxing stance with your feet slightly wider than the hips, knees slightly bent, feet turned about 45 degrees, hands in front of your face and elbows in, extend your front arm to punch. Your arm needs to be the only thing which moves, the rest of your body remains still and steady. Extend fast, leading with the knuckles, palm face down and try to keep your shoulders down and relaxed.


The Cross (also known as the Straight or Power Punch)

The Cross is similar to the Jab, except you punch with your rear arm. It is a straight punch, like the jab but the advantage the Cross has over the Jab is that it often holds more power as you are able to put your full body behind the punch. It is great option to set you up for other punches, as well as being useful on it's own. With a Jab and Cross technique, you will be able to reach your opponent, whatever your position.


The Hook

The Hook requires more complex technique. Although it can be thrown with either arm, a Hook generally, is thrown with the front arm. Hold your arm up, at a 90 degree angle to maximise on power. As you drive a Hook, your hips will rotate as you throw the punch, and your corresponding foot will pivot. For knockout power, drive your punch through your opponent. The Hook is a close or mid range punch, if you are hitting a target, whether that be a pad, bag or your opponent, ensure you are standing near enough. And remember to continue to keep your guard up and your knees bent.


The Uppercut

The Uppercut is a powerful, knockout punch, however it comes with risks in a fight. Throwing an Uppercut means you take your guard down for a second, leaving you vulnerable. Keeping your knees bent and hips down, keep your arm bent with fist facing upwards and punch up as though punching someone under the chin. Your power comes from your hips, so use the power of your body to throw this powerful punch. Uppercuts are best followed with a Hook.


Using the four basic punches above, you can get a great workout, strengthening and toning your body, whilst burning fat and improving stamina. Get started on your workout and perfect your form with our library of workout and technique videos to enjoy the great benefits boxing has to offer. START YOUR FREE TRIAL HERE


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