Jul 05, 2018

Adopting a successful and maintainable morning routine is hugely powerful in helping you set yourself up for your day in the best way possible. Even if you don’t think you are morning person, perfecting your morning routine into an enjoyable, productive and self-fulfilling experience can change this, making even the least morning person change their perspective!

Switching up your habits and starting your morning in the right way for you will make you happier and healthier, giving your more motivation to live your days to their fullest potential. We realise that everyones lives are very different, with different priorities, responsibilities and schedules making it impossible for a complete one-size fits all approach to realistic morning routines but we’ve outlined some top tips and tools below to help you create your own. Culminating a personal experience in your mornings helps you create discipline, establish boundaries, make you feel your best and set you up for success so if you don’t have one already, there’s no better time than now to start one!


Wake up earlier (and don’t hit that snooze button!!) 

The body functions best on an early rise so waking up earlier and not snoozing is a great place to start. As hard as it may be to not hit that snooze button at the time, we really recommend trying to discipline yourself into avoiding doing this as often as you can. We understand this may be hard at first (especially if you’ve created a habit of it!), but not doing so will give you instant satisfaction of self-discipline and achievement, along with giving you that bit of extra time to incorporate and reap the rewards of more beneficial parts of your morning routine such as the ones below.


Power your mind with positivity 

Repeating positive affirmations and focusing on gratitude as soon as you wake is a tip we couldn’t recommend more at the moment! Our subconscious minds play a huge role in affecting our reality, you can literally change your reality by changing your beliefs so starting your day with positive thoughts and honing in on things that you want your mind to be focusing on is a powerful way to set your morning off. Try creating a list of positive affirmations at the beginning of the week that relate to your schedule and goals. Have a different one for each day to give you a unique burst of inspiration daily and repeat these to yourself several times out loud when you wake until you really believe them. Continue to do so throughout your day whenever you find your mind slipping towards negativity to realign yourself with the things and feelings you do want! Make sure these thoughts aren’t focused on the lack of, we want you to begin each day with a smile on your face J


Make your bed

A habit that you may or may not already do, but carrying out and completing a task as simple as making your bed as soon as you get up is another simple way to give your brain an instant sense of achievement and success. You will then carry this sense with you throughout the day, making you feel like you have the capability to achieve and complete other, more challenging tasks. Resulting in you being more likely to do so!


Reach for that H20

Once you’re up, reaching for a tall glass of water is highly recommended. Drinking water first thing will help you flush out any toxins and energise your body by restoring hydration levels. If you want to take this healthy habit even further, squeeze a few slices of lemon (fresh lemon juice works just as well!) into your glass. This will help kick-start your digestion for the day and balance pH in your body, along with the zingy smells from lemon waking up your brain!


Move your body

Next up on healthy morning habits is of course, exercise!! Research has shown that the morning is generally the best time for productivity. So getting a workout in first thing means you are likely to work harder. It is a way to wake the mind and increase your circulation, and give you a boost of energy to start your day. Making time for your workout in the morning also means that no matter how the rest of your day plans out, you won’t be tempted to make an excuse and skip it!

It doesn’t matter what style of workout you do or how long you workout for, the most important thing is that you find a way to move your body in a way that you enjoy and find helps clear your mind. Our range of BOXX workouts (we even have morning specific workouts) and a perfect way to fit in an early morning session, giving you various options from boxing to yoga, to strength, to HIIT depending on the mood you are in. They are short, effective and you don’t even need to leave your bedroom!!



Last but definitely not least, an important part of your morning routine should be to indulge in a delicious and nutritious breakfast that is not only going to fuel you, but that is going to satisfy your soul and put you in the best place both physically and mentally before you take on the rest of your day. If time is always an issue for you, why not prepare your breakfast the night before! Or if you are really not a breakfast person and prefer not to eat first thing, finding something you can spend a couple of minutes indulging in to put you in a good, grateful and happy headspace even if this is just simply a cup a herbal tea or a coffee can be just as valuable. 

We hope these tips are helpful and we encourage you to include at least a couple of them when creating your own morning routine that you love and works for YOU. Make it your mission this week to find a routine that you personally find works and see the positive effects that having one can have on not only making it easier to wake up in the morning, but on your success, mindset and productivity levels throughout the rest of your day!

We can get you started by ticking off the exercise and nourish part of your morning - sign up for our 10 DAY FREE TRIAL to access our morning specific workouts (and more) plus our super easy super tasty breakfast (lunch and dinner) recipes...well what are you waiting for?

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