Is boxing a good way to lose weight?

Feb 16, 2019

There is no quick fix for weight loss, but the formula is very simple. You need to use more energy than you take in. And you need to do this for a sustained period of time. This usually means; eat less and do more. However, thanks to the arrival of the internet, we’re all looking for that one simple “life hack” to make this process easier.

In reality, it would be more beneficial to your mind and body to think about losing weight as a byproduct of being more active, boosting your confidence and feeling great. Seeing the number on the scale change is rarely enough to keep people motivated to lose weight in the long run. If you want to keep your motivation up, you need to find your “why”.

This is why boxing is such a great way to lose weight. Once you get bitten by the boxing bug (it’s real, just ask any of our members) you’ll soon start to swoon over the way it makes you feel. You’ll become stronger, both physically and mentally. You’ll be more flexible. And you’ll feel more in control of your body than ever before. Losing weight will just be a side effect. But trust us when we say that it will happen.

When we look at other methods people use to lose weight, we can see why boxing is head and shoulders above the rest. Running is a popular form of cardio for people hoping to lose weight. It gets your heart rate up, it’s challenging, and it works your whole lower body and core. However, when you put this exercise alongside an exercise like boxing, you’ll soon see why boxing comes out on top.

Variety is the spice of life

Loss of motivation is one of the key reasons people fail in their weight loss goals. When all you are doing is pounding a treadmill or running through the same streets and parks, you’ll quickly grow bored with your new exercise regime. Unless you are completely in love with running, even those with a fun app will soon give up. Boxing is different. Boxing is a varied sport which trains your body and your mind. It combines cardio with strength with agility with plyometric exercises. It doesn’t just train your lower body or your core, it’s a complete body workout that will make you feel more at home in your own skin.

Potential to torch calories

Another great part of boxing workouts is that you burn calories while having fun. Take this comparison, for example. According to Harvard Health Publications, a person who weighs 185lbs will burn 400 calories running at 5.2 mph for 30 minutes. This is a fairly rigorous pace, and many people would struggle to keep running non-stop for 30 minutes, so the actual calories expenditure of your run is likely to be much lower. You could burn a similar number of calories in 30 minutes by trying the following boxing exercise. Jumping rope will burn around 444 calories, sparring will burn 400 calories and callisthenics will burn around 355 calories. The great part about boxing workout classes is that you won’t be asked to jump rope for 30 minutes. Instead, you’ll engage your muscles in a range of different workouts.

The verdict

If you want a fun and confidence-boosting way to lose weight, boxing could be great for you. Before long, you’ll probably forget that weight loss was your original goal and start to love the journey boxing takes you on. By all means, you should exercise in any way possible, and if that means running then you should run. But if you want to lose weight and feel powerful, then boxing could be just the thing for you to try.

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