Jul 01, 2018

Ok so, you love doing both Louis' and Esmees workouts - you may pick one over the other depending on your mood as they are 2 very different trainers. However, they do have something in common - both bad ass top London trainers AND will both leave you feeling like...hell yeah, I have got this. So, what happens when you do one workout taught by both of them? can find out because we have just released our first ever Boxx Duo workouts (now live in your workout library)! You will find:

BoxxHIIT30 Duo - Louis and Esmee take you through intense rounds of Shadow boxing and HIIT. Expect a killer mind body workout that will relieve stress and leave you feeling like an absolute G!

BoxxKICK30 Duo - Louis and Esmee go hard by combining rounds of MMA combos with HIIT. Expect to feel super sweaty and like a full on Ninja by the knockout round!

BoxxPLIYO30 Duo - Louis and Esmee return for an explosive plyometric session. This is the ultimate high intensity workout but all levels welcome as modifications are provided - go at your own pace and if you are feeling brave try and beat Esmee...go on we dare you!

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