Mar 29, 2018

With Easter just around the corner, we’ve all got one thing on our mind: chocolate.  If you’re a massive chocolate lover like us, then you may be thinking about how you’re going to survive the Easter period without eating allllll the chocolate and Easter treats in sight.

We have no problem with treating ourselves to satisfy our cravings because to live a longterm, happy and healthy, balanced lifestyle, we know that complete restriction is not necessary. Instead we focus on the importance of eating to feel the best we can, feeding our body, minds and soul (meaning that chocolate is occasionally needed!).

We are fully aware however that over indulging can often lead us to feeling a little off balance, deflated and like we’re back to square one of our health and fitness journeys afterwards. For this reason, and in preparation for an Easter this year that gives us our chocolate fix but doesn’t leave us feeling this way, we have been on the hunt and found the perfect solutions- recipes that turn all your favourite Easter treats into healthier versions!

Here are a selection of our favourite that are full of nutritious ingredients and use limited/no refined sugar or processed nasties. Don’t go thinking they might not taste as good either because these are all absolutely delicious, fun to make and are guaranteed to keep those chocolate cravings and sweet tooth’s of all the family members at bay.

1. Deliciously Ella’s Easter Eggs

IG @deliciouslyella

If you are a nut butter fan, especially the heavenly nut butter and chocolate combination, then these are a definite must! Fairly easy to make and 100% worth it, these creamy creations will leave you craving them all year round. Click here for recipe.

2. Natalie Glaze’s Easter Egg Nests

IG @pinterest

Mixing up the all time favourite Easter egg nests, these nests are made with a base of gluten free, high protein quinoa puffs, flaked almonds and coconut shavings, giving them a nourishing and delicious twist. Click here for recipe.


3. Doisy and Dam’s Easter Egg Nests

IG @doisyanddam By Edward Smith

Different but just as delicious, these Easter egg nests are extremely simple to make and non-time consuming. With only three ingredients needed, this recipe will give you your chocolate fix and also get some good fibre into your body. Click here for recipe


4. Aduna’s Mini Raw Cacao Cheesecakes-

IG @adunaworld By @freshgreens 

So creamy, chocolatey and delicious…no one will you believe you when you tell them these are healthy! These beautiful mini cheesecakes are raw, vegan, refined sugar and dairy free and although they may not look it, are actually fairly straight forward to make. Click here for recipe.

To help with making these and a whole selection of other yummy creations, we have also managed to get a cheeky 20% off all Aduna products! Just enter BOXX20 at their checkout :)


5. Madeleine Shaw’s Paleo Chia Hot Cross Buns-

IG @madeleine_shaw_

Because it’s not an Easter morning without hot cross buns for breakfast right? These Easter classics are gluten, grain and dairy free using chia seeds to give them a little added protein and goodness. Easy to make and even easier to eat, we are definitely going to be whipping these up ready for Easter morning. Click here for recipe.

Hopefully with these healthier inspirations, you can enter and leave the Easter weekend feeling satisfied, like you’re still putting your health and avoiding those post-chocolate overload slumps.

Happy Easter all and hope you have a lovely, relaxing and fun weekend! Remember that indulging every now and again should never make you feel guilty, food is to be enjoyed and living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, satisfying cravings and not feeling bad about doing so!

If you want to get some more recipe inspo, check out our other foodie posts here.


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