May 10, 2017

In aid of Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to highlight the benefits of boxing can have on your mental wellbeing.  Boxing, traditionally, is a well-known form of exercise that offers an extremely efficient way to get super fit. However, increasing strength and endurance and overall fitness are far from the only benefits of boxing training. It is coming to light that the mental benefits of boxing may even outweigh the positives of the physical benefits it brings. Sufferers of anxiety, depression and stress can massively benefit from packing a punch.



Kicking and punching is an extremely successful way to relieve stress, and by doing it through boxing, you can enjoy a calmer mind, with a clear conscience. Raising your endorphin levels helps to make you feel better about yourself, whilst getting fit at the same time. 

Prince Harry has recently spoken out about of the positive benefits boxing has brought to his life, in relation to Mental Health, especially when struggling with his mother's heartbreakingly early death. Harry said how he “...took up boxing,'s a really good way of letting out aggression...I was on the verge of punching someone; so being able to punch someone who had pads was certainly easier.” He organised a boxing event for his Heads Together Charity to highlight the positive impact it has at helping with mental health issues.



Boxing not only acts as an effective way of letting go of anger and stress, it also means that it can help to prevent or reduce depression and anxiety symptoms.  Because boxing requires serious concentration, which focuses your mind on the present action, it allows you to be distracted from your ruminating thoughts and anxieties.  It therefore acts as a welcomed distraction and an enjoyable workout, which many look forward to!



Increased confidence can help you in all aspects of your life. Boxing is a skill which is new to many and by learning and honing your new found skill learn you will find that what seems impossible is, in fact, very possible.  We hope that an increase in confidence and self esteem will help you to make the steps needed to overcome your depression or anxiety or perhaps seek the help and support you need to do so.

We offer a 10 DAY FREE TRIAL to new customers. Why not give some of our workouts a go, you never know they may be the first step in your journey to improving your mental wellbeing!


For more information on Mental Health and to seek support please visit:

Heads Together 

Mind Charity

Mental Health Awareness

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